17,614 Days to go…

So it begins…

I consider myself unlucky. Plagued with a misfortune thats left me, at the tender age of 28, with 9 3/4 fingers; an accidental run in with scientology; being treated for rabies and many more mishaps under my belt. Most have heard of serendipity but give zemblanity a search! Serendipity’s evil twin, meaning: an unlucky inevitability. I am zemblanitous.
It wasn’t until my early 20s, I decided to roll with life’s punches and laugh at my own hardships. It completely changed my outlook on life. I left my home of Scotland to teach English in Beijing in 2015, to travel Australia in 2019. Yes, I might have left with more fingers than I have now and accumulated a considerable amount of trauma but it was 7 amazing years seeing the world. 7 incredible years, laughing in the face of tragedy before finally returning home to start my dream career as a mortician in an Oxford hospital.
I got where I am today by accepting the unknown. Accepting that things will go wrong and that I will, in true zemblanitous fashion, die. Humans fear death. I want to face it head on with all of life’s bumps. This blog will detail my journey into the morticianhood; remember my misadventures and count down the days to my inevitable death (Based on the average life expectancy of a Scottish male). Let’s make the most of the days I have left…

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